It rained havoc on farmers, standing crops were ruined, demand for compensation arose

 While three consecutive days of rain in Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh have given relief to the people from the heat, it has wreaked havoc for the farmers. Crops standing in the fields were ruined. Urad, groundnut and sesame crops have suffered the most. The sudden change in the weather has upset the farmers instead of giving them happiness. There is no limit to their grief after seeing the crop that the farmers raised by working hard day and night get ruined.

Standing crops were ruined
A farmer cultivating groundnut said that the crop was standing ready in 15 acres. There was a preparation to cut in a few days but the rain ruined everything. Now some help is expected from the government itself. On the other hand, a farmer cultivating urad told that the crop was prepared in 10 acres. For the last 1 month, laborers were also engaged. They also have to pay money. There was a lot of hope from the harvest. But the rain ruined everything. The only request to the government is that we should be given compensation. Another farmer said that if compensation is not given, then there will be a situation of starvation.

On this demand of the farmers, Additional District Magistrate Ram Akshaywar
Chauhan said that a committee has been constituted in view of the loss caused to the farmers and their demand. In this administrative officers, members of the insurance company as well as farmers have also been included. The amount of compensation will be decided after the assessment of the loss.


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